Why Leash Color Matters When Walking Your Dog

Leash Color and It’s Meaning

It is important that you understand Why Leash Color Matters When Walking Your Dog.   Many dog owners do not know that the color of their dogs’ leash colorleash has a message.  This message is very important and should be displayed prominently when you walk you dog.  So how do you know just what is right for your dog?  Let’s go over the basics of Leash Color and Meaning.

Leash Color for Friendly Dogs

Dogs that are just all around friendly and of the “happy-go-lucky” personality, green is a go.  If your best friend easily makes friends with others (people and other pets), then this should be your chosen leash color.

Beware Other Dogs

If your canine makes friends with the two-legged variety, but bears watching with other four-legged friends, then orange is the right choice.  This bright, sunshiny color warns other dog walkers that they must keep their dog under control and a safe distance from you and yours.  No tail-sniffing allowed when sporting this leash color!

Nervous Nellies

For those pups that have not had a lot of socializing experience, or are simply of the reactive personality, their leash color of choice is canary yellow.  This alerts others that their behavior may be unpredictable and caution is important.  Slow approach method is necessary in order to “test the waters” before making contact.  Owners of these personality types must be very attuned to doggy body language!

Family Only

Some dogs are just so in love with their own family that no one else is worth their time or energy.  They do not like strangers of the two or four-legged varieties and are best not to be approached by others.  Some may even view all newcomers as a threat and can become violent.  To make certain that this is clearly understood, your pal should be sporting bright red attire.

SHHH!  I’m Working!

If your little student is out on a training mission, let everyone know that Doggie U is in play!  This could mean that your buddy is in training for public service, or you may simply be honing their behavioral skills.  Your student deserves uninterrupted lesson time.  Outsiders must respect that and leave them to their concentration.  Blue is the “Do Not Disturb” leash color choice.

Deaf Dog or Blind Dog Also Has A Standard Leash Color

If your beloved has a medical issue, such as deafness or blindness, PLEASE alert others with proper warning.  This will help to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  Others should be aware of their condition in order to prevent startling your special pet.  White is the standard leash color for physically compromised companions.

Leashes Can Be Eco-Friendly Too!


In addition to selecting the right leash color, it is equally important to consider using Eco-Friendly leashes, too!  If you are environmentally aware, I highly recommend these super strong, comfortable and colorful leashes that are made of recycled water bottles, also known as PET.  Ironic, huh?  You can be a conscientious pet parent and help the environment with the same product.  Simply choose your eco-friendly leash color to match your dogs’ social style!

Clothes to Match

If you would like to match your color-coded leash with some clothing, have a look at our variety of pet clothes!  Surely there is the perfect match for you, your pet and style!


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