At KZ Pets N’ More, we love them like you do. We’re pet owners too. We get it. You cherish every part of your pet­­­—No matter its size. We’re here to make caring for and pampering pets of all sizes easier. That’s why we provide high-end petcare products at a price that you can afford. We are also a resource for pet lovers looking for helpful advice to keep your pet as healthy and comfortable as possible. All the products on our site are paw-picked for quality! From quality shampoos and grooming tools to walking accessories that become absolute necessities, we have everything you need and more. Browse our store and see our selection wonderful petcare products and take a look at our blog to learn more about what you can do for your pets!


We aim to provide pet owners with the know-how and tools to show their pet the utmost love and care, because we believe that pets of all shapes and sizes love to be loved!


Kristen Zins, founder of KZ Pets N' More, has been involved with animal rescue for most her life. With a passion for animal welfare, and a particular passion for St. Bernards Kristen currently owns four St. Bernard mixes, along with five cats, all of which she rescued. But that doesn't stop her from owning and operating KZ Pets N' More.

Being the owner of large dogs, she saw the stereotype of "pampered" dogs curled up on their owner’s lap or tucked into little "purses" with diamond collars. She thought to herself, "Big dogs like to be pampered too!" Kristen founded KZ Pets N’ More to make owners aware that bigger pets want the same love and cuddling as the smaller ones. Based in Pennsylvania, she is proud to offer innovative products and insightful advice to those interested and is open to working with all pets!